domenica 30 gennaio 2011


hey dude! here i am in berkeley, a wonderful and peaceful  city. I forgot to write the days before, so, in this day i don t do a lot of things. On friday there was the Allegra's party in a japan karaoke. It was  really cool. There was english sog with japan video, hahahaha it's really awkward, but it's fun and we laugh a lot . On Sunday me,criky and his brother nick went to S.F. in Chinatows.
Today we propably go to the cinema
see ya soon

martedì 25 gennaio 2011


Here we are dude.So, yesterday i went to UC BERKELEY COLLEGE it was awsomePeople everywhere  study with their laptop.In the evening i had a good dinner with my host-family and their grandparents. But today, my american cordinator took me to Berkeley high , and i had my first English exam.It's not an exam for grades, but for understand how is me english. They told me that my english it's ok, and tomorrow i will choose my classes. I probably choose chemestry,P.E., economics,maths,latin, history and english literature.  The school is awsome. It's really big and contain like 3600students. After my english exam i had lunch in a small japan restaurant.It was really good. In the afternoon i ran with my host mum and ours dog Lea
.Tomorrow i will cook for the family.I probably cook carbonara and fillet.
I <3 USA

domenica 23 gennaio 2011


After some delicious waffel, and a milkshake, me and cricket went to San Francisco. We took the bus and the train. When we arrived, i saw one of the best city in the world!! After a trip to the city, we went to Chinatown and bought some stupid Chinese things. The city is fantastic,skyscrapers everywhere. After 4 hours we took the train for home, and at the station is something amazing happened. Criket took me a photo, and a bad man behind me told me:"sorry can i see the photo?" i told him to go away, but the man insisted. So we see the picture, (e dietro di me si vedeva la sua faccia),so he told me to delete the photo." I told him to go away,(senno chiamavo la polizia).But he was decided to delate my picture. Criket told me to delete it, and i delete.  After he told me that this kind of person are very dangerous. Dude,some people are really crazy!!speaking of another, when we arrived to berkeley , a wonderful small city, we had dinner at 5 p.m., because in California people don' t have lunch,they eat breakfast and dinner, and me Criket and the other brother Niki went to Chinise restaurant.The food is ok but i want my  italian food hehe. I went to sleep at 7 p. m. i was really tired.
now is starting a new day, i m going to breakfast. Bye

sabato 22 gennaio 2011


Finalmente sono arrivato!!!

(Roma)Sveglia alle 4 del mattino.Primo tratto Roma 6.25-Francoforte 8.00.Arrivato a Francoforte ho aspettato 4 ore senza un misero negozzietto, solo pub per maggiorenni. Secondo tratto  Francoforte12.30-Chicago 2.30(-6 di fuso). Appena apro il finestrino dell aereo, a pochi minuti dall atterraggio vedo Chicago ricoperta di neve... Favolosa!Passata la dogana, cerco subito il mio gate B29, e appena arrivo... 150 americani tra i 90 e i 120 kg che mangiano ... ma quanto mangiano è impressionate.. Caramelline, cioccolatini,hotdog.. con dei bicchieri di coca di minimo 2 litri l popo americani !! Salito sull' aereo ho fatto il terzo tratto Chicago16.30-Denver17.30 (-7 di fuso). Denver invece rispetto a Chicago era molto piccola e molto piu tranquilla . Dopo due ore ad aspettare,finalmente sono salito sull ultimo volo Denver 18.30-Oakland 21.00 (-9 di fuso).Viaggio di 24 ore veramente massacrante . Arrivato all aereoporto Eric mi stava aspettando all uscita.Dopo una lunga chiaccherata siamo andati a casa dove c'erano Emily e Criket.La casa molto curata , molto simile ad na europea rispetto alle altre . Ora mi aspetta una bella colazione Americana a domani

lunedì 10 gennaio 2011

21 GENNAIO 2011

oggi ho avuto la conferma della partenza per gli Stati Uniti.. viaggio allucinante! partenza alle 6 del mattino Greenwitch +1, arrivo 9 p.m.  Greenwitch -8. 24 ore tra aereo e aereoporti..